I was born in Banyuwangi (East Java, Indonesia) in 1977. I’m a composer. Currently, I’m working at a contemporary collective ”Teater Garasi/Garasi Performance Institute”, a rock band “Melancholic Bitch”, and an experimental and collective sound laboratory ”WYST (What’s Your Story Today)”. Most of my work, depart from traditional values, history and realities that took place in Indonesia, and it’s connection with the world today.

I was trained mostly as a musician / composer. Along the time of my practice, I became more interested in interdisciplinary creation, with sound and music as my basic. I perceive sound as a way of working rather than merely a medium or product. In my previous works I departed from the strong practice of traditional art, range from music, dance, performance, visual, and rituals, and put them in a new critical narrative related to the history of my society, and then recreate them in contemporary forms.

“Menara Ingatan” Performance (2017). WATCH THE VIDEO HERE

My recent projects are focusing on how I found another side of the history, where resistance is not being seen as marginalized, but as a spirit of fighting. While this narrative strongly related to colonialism issue, for me it is more interesting to dig up into what happened in the contemporary life today. The story from colonial and war period had effected the identity of the society today, and this create a complex yet interesting political context. In realisation, I often use uncommon materials to build a music composition. Mainly, I use digital sampling to edit recorded material into instrument or sound effect. For example, in my previous work, in order to underline the violent issues, I use a lot of metal materials (metal junk, weapon, kitchenware, etc.) by digital sampling or make it as a live instrument. This was also influenced by “ordinary evil” idea, ordinary people could do something bad in their life. For example, the 1965 mass genocide in Indonesia, often did by ordinary people with anything they could found in their house (kitchen knife, fork, wire, etc. )

Live with the band “Melancholic Bitch”

Live with experimental music community