Yang Fana Adalah Waktu. Kita Abadi / Time is…

Teater Garasi/Garasi Performance Institute “Yang Fana adalah Waktu. Kita Abadi/Time is Transient. We are Eternal”

Time is Transient. We are Eternal is Teater Garasi’s newest production, departs from the investigation and reflection of ‘order’ and ‘disorder’.

The production, directed by Yudi Ahmad Tajudin, is a further exploration of Teater Garasi’s collective art projects since 2008 that include Je.ja.l.an (The Streets) and Tubuh Ketiga (Third Body), which are an attempt to investigate how the explosion of voices and narratives (ideology, religion, and identity) in post-1998 Indonesia has created and unveiled tension and violence—both new and latent.
This is a cacophonic tour to the street level of the 21st century Indonesia. The chaos of the politics at the higher places –the global war, economic inequalities, state politics, religious tensions– populates the everyday as competing noises and contesting narratives, while traumatic historical violence continue to haunt in the background. And we dance while we are in the cacophony.